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Chain Breaker

Izaz Khan

1949, Viti Levu, Fiji
Chainbreaker is set in the small northern town of Ba on Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji after the WWII. Like most of the western half of the island, Ba’s main industry is sugar cane and the monopolistic Pacific Sugar Company (PSC), an Australian company has a mill there as it does in the other major sugar towns.

The PSC is mostly white Australians in important jobs for the running of the sugar cane industry, including the mills. The Indian farmers are the producers of the cane on Fijian leased land. They are descendants of indentured labourers brought from India in the late 19th and early twentieth centuries. The PSC has a very strong hold on the industry, to the extent of dictating how much cane will be grown by the farmers, how it will be transported to the mills and when and how much the farmers will be paid per ton. It kept complete control of the weighing of the cane, its processing and the marketing of sugar.

Together with the Colonial Government whites who were mainly English, the PSC whites, mainly Australian enjoyed a superiority over the Indians and native Fijians to such an extent that the locals lived in awe of them and their word was command. Needless to say, the whites in Ba of whom the PSC employees were in the majority lived in an area isolated from the rest and rarely if ever mixed with the locals socially,

Ted Chambers, a white lawyer who had a practice in Ba, decided to live away from the white enclave and freely mix and socialise with the locals. He was ostracised by the other whites because he helped the Indian farmers form a union to fight the injustices of the PSC.

An accidental dynamite explosion happens on a boat off the coast of Ba. Black magic is suspected.

As the steps to form the union were reaching a climax, Hassan an Indian criminal and Alf Smith, a PSC thug, decided to kill Ted for motives of their own. Hassan was to make a lot of money and Alf wanted to settle an old score with Chambers. Coincidently they would also be getting rid of a bad thorn from the the PSC’s side.

But their plans went wrong and Ted went on to form the union and thus began an era of some equality between the sugar producers and the miller.

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“An interesting read”

This a good read. I kept turning the pages.


“Interesting and       well-written”

“Fascinating story set in Australia and South Africa. The author brought the locales you’ve, as well as the major characters. “

Golden Oldie

“Very Unique Legal Thriller”

“There was intrigue in the story and a pace which kept me wanting to come back to it every night… Definitely recommend if you love Legal Thrillers.”

Kindle Customer

“Sucks you right in!”

“I enjoyed reading this book, it’s one of those that can’t be put down until you’re finished with the last page. Great read! I recommend to anyone searching for an exciting thriller!


“Great book!”

“I have read many books, but Payback is one book that had intrigue which gripped my imagination. You feel like you want to keep reading. Kudos to the author!”

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“It’s a must read”

“I loved it. I would love to see this book turned into a movie.”

Kristie Hilleard

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