“Chainbreaker is a unique blend of history and fiction that is as educational as it is interesting.” Essian Asian


1949, Viti Levu, Fiji

The Pacific Sugar Company has an iron grip on the lives of its famers. The Indian-Fijian workers spend hot days in the sun, just as their ancestors did, brought to Fiji as indentured servants. Not much has changed over the generations.

Death has become a regular part of their lives. Akbar Khan loses one too many friends to murder and starts to fight back against the shackles of his life.

Sugar Mill, Ba, Fiji 1947

Ba is the Birthplace of Izaz Khan

Rarawai Mill, Ba, the mill at the centre of Chainbreaker, was built and opened in 1886. Below is the cane train for the mill. Photo dated 1949.


Freedom Comes at a Cost!

The dangers are great. Death has become a regular part of their lives.

And murder is a means to silence opposition.


5 Star Readers Favourite Award

Izaz Khan tells a story about honor and revenge set in Fiji over a century ago. He includes the little details we might miss, such as the distinct differences in cultural background between the Muslims
and Hindus in the Indian community. Combining these with the unique banter between the characters in this story gives you the perfect mix for an immersive tale. Khan’s attempt at highlighting the racism that was the order of the day at the time and the subtle inferences of the influence of black magic creates an authentically accurate atmosphere in that era. Akbar’s relationship with Tawfik sets the tone for unfortunate events. Chainbreaker is a unique blend of history and fiction that is as educational as it is interesting. Khan has done a lovely job with this novel.  ~ Reviewed by Essian Asian

Chainbreaker is Izaz’s second book.

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